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The nudity, indeed, turns out to be the least interesting aspect of the show.The contestants could be frank and honest about the kind of bodily evaluation that goes into very-short-term dating, but instead still speak about "connections" and potential futures together.But even nudists -- as one woman looking for a house with a lot of closet space makes clear -- put clothes on for their dealings with the non-nudist world.It's just that when people are standing in the middle of a potential rental property naked, all of their casual requests seem inherently ludicrous.

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They're too busy contorting themselves so that the kitchen faucet blocks the view of their nether regions.When contestant Wee Wee (yes) tells a date she met maybe a few hours before that she is thinking about marriage and children down the road, it feels as though the show's trying to ape the most inane aspects of "The Bachelor"; if the contestants were wearing clothes, it'd be an extremely bad copy of the old MTV after-school shows, like "Next" or "Date My Mom," that tried to cannibalize that ABC dating show's success.This show has what appears to be a fairly limited budget and a killer hook -- why doesn't it just embrace what it is?Perhaps because the contestants are so sheepish about being nude and so unwilling to discuss how, exactly, being nude affects their fledgling relationships with one another.

I'd be incredibly self-conscious and would dodge the subject, too, but that's why I didn't audition for, get cast on, and take time off work to appear on, a show called "Dating Naked."Admirably, though, the show's cast looks by and large "normal" in the manner that people at any beach would; they're not fitness models. There's at once a prurience to seeing, immediately, what all sorts of people look like physically, and a sort of smug satisfaction at episode's end when you realize you had By contrast, TLC's "Buying Naked," which focuses on naturists looking for homes that meet their specifications -- that is, looking for real estate while naked -- makes being nude seem like the weirdest thing in the world.

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