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There have been rumors of him being gay, let’s find out if it’s true, also did you know about his girlfriends? ’ and despite many debates, social media pundits have failed to convince one other and so it remains a controversy among the ranks of public but keeping a closer look on Gubler’s life, one is quite certain that he is not.Although many social media sites and almost every other website label him as straight, it’s quite astonishing as to what keeps buzzing in the minds of those who call him gay.Marisa Morris is a 29 years-old Portuguese actress from Lisbon Portugal.

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His interest in filmmaking and modeling can be traced back to his early high school days and this is what made him the man he is now. Talking about controversies about Gubler one could never forget the debate ‘is Matthew Gray Gubler gay?Source: Pinterest He also directed, edited, and co-produced the music video ‘Don’t shoot me Santa’ which was a success.Al this brought him public following to a whole new level.Nowadays, we are hearing a rumor that Matthew has been dating Marissa Morris for two years.

However, the information about this relationship is very hard to find on the media.

This young actor born in 1980, is 37-years-old as of 2017.

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    She is dating Matthew Gray Gubler since 2010. Charlotte Kemp Muhl Atlanta, 1987. She dated Matthew Gray Gubler in 2004-2005. Ali Michael Texas, 1990.…