Bradley cooper and zoe saldana started dating

So what do you reckon - do they make a cute couple?with his former girlfriend Zoe Saldana, and although the two are no longer dating, he revealed that he enjoyed that experience and praised the quality of her acting."Zoe's an incredible actor," Cooper gushed of Saldana, who he dated during Vancouver, and these rumors persisted despite the fact that Zoe was in a 10-year relationship with fiancé Keith Britton.Then in early November, Zoe broke up with Keith, and everyone wondered whether Bradley was somehow involved in the split.

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The source said, "They are totally dating."Bradley was voted Sexiest Man Alive by for 2011, and has been linked with Olivia Wilde, Melanie Laurent and Jennifer Lopez to name a few, just this year!"Actually, when she came on..relationship (between their characters) was not as plot-driven as it became once she came on.So, we actually changed a lot of the major plot changes that occurred because of how committed [she was] and what truth she brought to the project." VIDEO: Will Bradley Cooper Eat His 'Words'?In late December, reports began to fly that Zoe and Bradley were totally dating, and just a few days ago, nameless witnesses spotted the pair making out “” at Sundance.