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But soon their scheme brings to light a massive conspiracy with its roots in Detachment 2702 linked to an unbreakable Nazi code called Arethusa.And it will represent the path to unimaginable riches and a future of personal and digital universal totalitarianism reborn.Paolo Bacigalupi's debut collection demonstrates the power and reach of the science fiction short story.Social criticism, political parable, and environmental advocacy lie at the center of Paolo's work.The government is ineffectual, and corporate interests scramble to make a profit from water purifiers, gas masks, and organic foods. The Trainites, environmental activists and sometime terrorists, want him to lead their movement.The government wants him in jail, or preferably, executed. Everyone has a plan for Train, but Train has a plan of his own. It is an outfit so secret that only a handful of people know it exists, and some of those people have names like Churchill and Roosevelt.

As governments and multinationals attack the endeavor, Randy joins forces with Shaftoe's tough-as-nails grandaughter, Amy, to secretly salvage a sunken Nazi sumarine that holds the key to keeping the dream of a data haven afloat.Infant mortality is up, and everyone seems to suffer from some form of ailment.The water is polluted, and only the poor drink from the tap.He is soon joined by a new Robin--a girl named Carrie Kelley, who proves to be just as invaluable as her predecessors.

But can Batman and Robin deal with the threat posed by their deadliest enemies, after years of incarceration have turned them into perfect psychopaths?

In 1942, Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse - mathematical genius and young Captain in the U. The mission of Watrehouse and Detatchment 2702-commanded by Marine Raider Bobby Shaftoe-is to keep the Nazis ignorant of the fact that Allied Intelligence has cracked the enemy's fabled Enigma code.

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