Christian kane who is he dating

In 2013, Kane appeared as JT Maxwell, brother to Rebecca Romijn's female lead Michelle Maxwell on TNT's King & Maxwell.He appeared again with Romijn in the 2014 TNT television series The Librarians, based on The Librarian film series. I live in Los Angeles when this is over and it's just hot. They asked if he was going to Nashville when "The Librarians" finishes shooting in a few weeks and he said no, he's going to Los Angeles to "hang out with my dog who I haven't seen in a couple of months because Portland doesn't allow 'wolves' in the city. If there's a wolf-dog in Portland you can shoot him in the street." Howls of disbelief from the foreign press greeted that comment. Just sayin'." Kane started his question-and-answer session by talking about the similarities between Jacob Stone, his character on "The Librarians," and himself. "(Executive producer) John Rogers, I believe, who wrote this, wrote this with me in mind. "Where he comes from, where I come from, people don't really let on about that kind of stuff when you come from the oil business or the redneck, roughneck business, which I grew up in because my dad's an oilman. "I relate to my character because I'm from Oklahoma. But, you know, growing up in Oklahoma there's only two things to do and that's drink beer and fight. I actually had to say I was in trouble with the law so (my friends) wouldn't find out I was doing a play." Kane added that he had no problem with Oklahoma and is proud of where he's from. "Listen, I'm not telling you something you can't look up. "They would never end up doing that, but I don't want to have a confrontation with somebody on the street about my dog because if any of you saw 'Leverage' you know I don't deal with confrontation that well (laughs). He's a good ol' boy, and he's very shy about the fact that he's got a high IQ. Not a lot people want to know that you know a lot about the Roman Empire or anywhere from Andy Warhol to Michelangelo. It's not talked about." Do you relate to your character? I actually lied and said that I was in DUI class Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that I could go do 'A Streetcar Named Desire' in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

2011 after nearly a year apart They have had an off again on again relationship since 2006-2007 Here are some of the corrections I want to make. Secondly I do not believe that Christian and Whitney are together given that Christian is in Portland filming Leverage and this tweet by Whitney........ Lol) Now how did Christian throw away her shoes in Tennessee when he was in Portland filming Leverage?Was looking for my new shoes today, & found them in the garbage. Christian Kane (born June 27, 1972) is an American actor and singer-songwriter. I'm Cherokee." OK then, but what's this about wolves in Portland? I was an art history major until I got kicked out ... They've welcomed me back with open arms, and that's always fun.