Cute dating nicknames

If she’s got a booty like J Lo and she’s proud of it she’ll love this one. Bunny – Bunnies are cute and innocent just like you’re girl!

Barbie – She is so effortlessly flawless and beautiful. Beautiful – What girl doesn’t love to be called beautiful? Bonus points for you if you use this one when you guys are just chilling at home and she’s not applied her makeup.Love – A classic nickname that’s romantic without being corny, and can be used even out in public because it isn’t embarrassing. Ma Cherie – French for “my love”, this one is so romantic, it’ll make your girl just melt.Love Bug – Like a cute little creature of love that you just want to hold and squeeze. Love muffin emphasizes just how much she means to you. Mama – Cute and simple, mama is a nice, quick little affectionate term to use. Minx – She’s hot, and she has a bit of a mischievous, naughty side.Doll Face – Her face is so beautiful, she’s just like a little porcelain doll.

Duchess – If your girl is a Princess type that likes to be looked after, she’ll love being called duchess.

Desert Blossom – If she’s exotic looking and incredibly pretty, you can give her this nickname after a wild desert flower.

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