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There are several other CTFs that are available and can be found on the CTFTime website.I have participated in the 2015 OWASP San Diego CTF and the 2015 National Cyber League’s Fall Season.DEFCON is the largest cyber security conference in the United States and it was officially started in 1993 by Jeff Moss.DEFCON had become a platform for a skills competition and as the Internet grew, both DEFCON and the CTF competitions did as well.This competition is used as a learning tool for everyone that is interested in cyber security and it can help sharpen the tools they have learned during their training.The very first cyber security CTF developed and hosted was in 1996 at DEFCON in Las Vegas, Nevada.However, as the competition day drew closer, we had a lot of problems and had to go through the IT department due to us using Coleman University’s campus and equipment.

There are flags (text files, folders, images, etc.) in the defending machines that the attacking team attempts to find as they compromise the machines.My team had a big challenge trying to find information on cyber security CTFs as there was not a single book out there that talks about the CTFs, let alone how to develop one.We found information via the Internet and got experience with one at the OWASP San Diego CTF held a few weeks before ours. In response to these attacks, security professionals and college students have been through rigorous training as how hackers are able to get into the companies and how to defend against them.

S., CCNA R&S, Security CE, Cisco Champion Cyber security is a high priority of companies, small and big, as cyber attacks have been on the rise in recent years.

The attacking team is able to use different hacking tools in order to compromise the defending machines but there are rules in place to ensure that the teams are not at an advantage over the other.

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