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“There’s also the challenge of wanting to go back and do something better.“It’s always been the issue here that local distributors can be shy of a local theatrical release for a horror film.

You may contact the Society directly by email at [email protected] “The idea of this spread of urban defecation coming up against the past with this dark history was a really interesting framework for me.” Despite his fondness for horror cinema, Frances is well aware that it’s particularly hard sell in this country.“With I learned quite a lot about genre, the way horror is consumed and the fanboy community,” says Francis., was drawn to the sordid history behind the notorious psychiatric institution, which is dubbed ‘Mayday Hills’ by its locals.

“What’s interesting is that it became kind of a dumping ground for difficult woman in the 1800s,” says Francis.

The dinner does not go well and Stevie kicks Leo out, upsetting Rose.

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    Feb 24, 2015. Australian actor Daniel Feuerriegel, Spartacus Blood and Sand was then cast in the lead role of Jake, a budding architect with plans to redevelop the asylum. Soon Jake and his girlfriend, who consequently suffers a mental breakdown, come face to face with the dark history of the asylum. “It's a present.…
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    Leo Coombes continues to manipulate Rose to get at Stevie and gets invites to dinner at Drovers. But Rose doesn't tell any of the Drovers women his identity until he arrives. Stevie is beyond shocked to find out who Rose is dating but Reagan persuades her to be cool with him as he will only expect a negative reaction.…