Datacontext submitchanges not updating database

If in code, your read code is as suspect as the write code: I was having similar issues when two applications with no common API were communicating through a database.The context is not a reflection of what is in the DB right now, and no amount of telling it to refresh is going to entirely fix the problem.I posted this question yesterday evening, which has led me to discover a huge problem! just to make it work is the following: So I think there must be something special in your domain that causes this.I have a decimal column in my database called Units, anytime I set the value of the column to a NON ZERO, and Submit Changes the column updates with the new value. Solution I figured out my problem with the help of the SO community. I suggest you to create a such simple repro with your domain model and see what happens.See You could then use something like the code below to output the SQL to the Visual Studio Debug window while debugging.I am having an issue with the Submit Changes function provided by the linq to DB implementation in C#.However my table has a primary key assigned to it and yet Submit Changes does not happen.To give you an overview of what I am executing, I here is a sample: As commented above, the record is successfully obtained with all the data in tact, including the PK field used to identify it.

So, in my class with the Singleton lifetime, I get a fresh instance of the database repository and perform the update and no problem.The database connection user is given the rights to update the table, though here I would expect it to break and complain. Please let me know if I have not provided enough information. Where does get Record(ID) get its context to return a record?It is not getting passed to the method, so I assume it is using a different context.I've even refreshed the object from the database using the Data Contact. The initial insert is being performed in a service class with a Per Web Request lifetime.