Dating an orogeny

If the orogeny is due to two continents colliding, the resulting mountains can be very high (see Himalaya).An orogenic event may be studied as: (a) a tectonic structural event, (b) as a geographical event, and (c) a chronological event.These island arcs may be added to a continent during an orogenic event.The processes of orogeny can take tens of millions of years and build mountains from plains or the ocean floor.Il a subi sa déformation et sa remobilisation les plus marquées, comme ce fut le cas dans le reste du continent Africain, au cours de l'orogénie Pan Africaine, c-a-d il y a entre 650-450 millions d'années.Dans ce travail, nous présentons la géologie de ce terrain d'après des données cartographiques et géochronologiques récentes.

Although orogeny involves plate tectonics, the tectonic forces result in a variety of associated phenomena, including magmatization, metamorphism, crustal melting, and crustal thickening.Debate exists about the extent to which erosion modifies the patterns of tectonic deformation (see erosion and tectonics).Thus, the final form of the majority of old orogenic belts is a long arcuate strip of crystalline metamorphic rocks sequentially below younger sediments which are thrust atop them and dip away from the orogenic core.During orogeny, deeply buried rocks may be pushed to the surface.

Sea bottom and near shore material may cover some or all of the orogenic area.

The Basement complex of Nigeria is polycyclic and retains memories of events dating back to about 3000 m. As in other parts of Africa, it suffered its most pronounced deformation and remobilisation during the Pan African Orogeny (about 650-450 m. It is also shown that the basement may have participated in the 1300-900 m. Das Basement Nigerias ist polyzyklisch aufgebaut mit Ereignissen, die bis zu 3000 m. Auch wird gezeigt, da\ das Basement von der Kibarischen Orogenese vor 1300-900 m. Le complexe du soubassement nigérien est polycyclique, et porte la marque d'événements remontant à 3.000 millions d'années.

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