Dating site video loves cats

The video has been picked up by a ton of blogs and news sites, ranging from Mashable to CBS.Some play it pretty straight, talking about how crazy Debbie is and making no mention of the validity. Check it out: It's definitely not a real e Harmony dating service video bio, that I can say with certainty.The tat was apparently a temporary one, according to Dutch News.

The video info says, "I'm Debbie, I love cats and I just want a soulmate! The 2 1/2 minute video starts off quite normal and then turns really funny when Debbie can't get a grip on her emotions when talking about cats.It's an acting job, and a pretty funny one at that.The video on You Tube was first posted on June 3rd and already has almost 3/4 of a million views.I woke up the next day and saw the video had about 100 hits, which at the time was insane for me considering I had no subscribers and only had about 100 or so Facebook friends.

By the third day it was up, it had around 100,000 and that’s when I realized this was about to go viral.

She ecstatically agreed to do a little interview with me (well, happily at least) so here goes!

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