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Submit a help ticket 734-936-8000 Help Me Now walk-up locations For urgent issues and immediate concerns, please contact the HITS Service Desk at 734-936-8000. Apple made a number of changes with OS X Lion 10.7.Mountain Lion 10.8 and Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" that will impact the functionality of certain software titles and services offered by the Medical School.Unless an updated, compatible version of the software is obtained, the only way to use Power PC platform applications is to restore an older version of the Mac OS, which requires the original OS installation disks.Other software offered by the Medical School that will no longer launch after the upgrade will be noted on the Medical School Software page, which is accessed through the Medical School Applications page.Flow Jo is now compatible with Lion and Mountain Lion.The new version is available for current users on Flow Jo's website: For this reason, before upgrading to OS 10.7, Mac users are strongly encouraged to check the application type of their applications, or contact MSIS for assistance.

Mountain Lion connectivity issues with the VPN have been solved with the Cisco Any Connect client version 3.1.Java is an essential plug-in for web browsers that allows interactive content to work within certain websites.It is important to have Java on Mac OS X for a couple reasons: The Apple update is called Java Update 2012-006 and removes the Java plugin and Java support from Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion users.Mountain Lion users can download and install the newest version of Any Connect from the MSIS Cisco Any Connect Page for Mac OS X.

Apple in October 2012 implemented a policy and security update for Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 (and now 10.9) users that disables Java 6 in Mac OS X.

Certain applications offered through the Medical School – including the Adobe CS2 suite and Acrobat 7 – will not work under the new Macintosh operating system OS X Lion or Mountain Lion.

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