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who feels that life will be better if u throw some negative comments and criticize others.remind u life doesn't work that way..Talented in most fields of art, pretty enough to make a nun blush, and with a body capable of causing a 50 car pile-up.

Ji hoo, l like you the most coz your a good friend and the way you let go of your love....I will watch your latest drama Blood till the end .She is one of those people who gets beautigul the more you look at her and the more you know her.^_^ You and Lee min ho create magic together....soooo cute.....

I recently watched "Angel Eyes" - all 20 episodes and I was truly moved by the acting of Ms.

I really love her :) Koo Hye-sun is a force of nature, she is one of the most formidable woman on this planet, with an eager energy for always being in search of new challenges and to try new fields of art.

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