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In extreme cases, critics and fans may invoke Death of the Author to preserve their interpretation of events.

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Many aspects of the Superman mythos has fallen into the common lexicon.In The Thirties and The '40s, he was adapted into radio, serials and most crucially into cartoons by Max and Dave Fleischer.It was in the latter adaptation that Superman received his most iconic superpower, that of flight.Aside from fighting crime, much of Clark's personal life is explored in relation to his supporting cast from the , his hometown of Smallville, and his beloved home city of Metropolis.

Possibly the most famous supporting cast of any superhero, it consists of a large number of changing characters, the fixtures of which are: his doting parents Jonathan and Martha (aka "Ma and Pa") Kent (pre-Crisis, throughout his childhood and teen years, before dying shortly after Clark's high school graduation; post-Crisis, advising him well into adulthood; and in the New 52 both dying before he becomes Superman); his gruff, hot-tempered, long-suffering boss, Perry White, who gladly accepts Clark's constant disappearances and eccentricities as long as he comes back with a headline story; his best friend (in both identities) Jimmy Olsen, a young cub reporter/photographer with a wildly fluctuating age, the highest Weirdness Magnet rating in the DC universe and the unique gift of a signal watch he can use to call Superman anytime he gets into trouble; his short-tempered, stubborn teenager of a cousin Kara Zor-El alias Supergirl, who also survived the death of their planet but arrived on Earth several decades later and has a hard time adapting to her new home and finding out what kind of woman and hero she wants to be; and most importantly, his sharp-tongued, recklessly determined go-getter of a reporting partner (and longstanding object of his affections) Lois Lane, who was desperately in love with Superman but who always dismissed the mild Clark Kent.

Kryptonite has arguably displaced Achilles' Heel, and the name of one of his supervillains has become a synonym for genius: brainiac. Cynicism, he and the series he stars in almost universally tends toward the idealistic side, being the iconic Cape.