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It has highly significant history, but faces several redevelopment challenges.With interior fire damage, and a location too close to the highway, the building is currently mothballed and awaiting a new future.This property features a pleasant backyard with a large black walnut tree. Following its use as a jail, the building was converted to a residence.The building currently houses a single apartment in the second floor and is otherwise vacant The Montgomery Hart / Andrew Collett House is possibly the oldest building still standing in Beverly, with a log section within it dating to the earliest settlement in our area.For more info on any of the properties listed here please contact the Beverly Heritage Center.

History: The house was built about 1840 and purchased by James H. It is known for its use as a hospital during the Civil War and as the site of the first amputation behind Confederate lines on June 4, 1861 following the Battle of Philippi. It has a large lot with plenty of potential parking.Owner Historic Beverly Preservation is open to considering a variety of development partnership options, in order to get the building into productive use while protecting the historic structure.The large stones of the cell rooms can be seen on the sides of the building.