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were going to make you write on a papurr and we will read it out loud AC: :33 how about it karkitty? ARE YOU ASKING ME TO PLAY THIS GAME BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID SHIPS? -CONTESTANT #3He handed Nepeta the paper and waited for her to say it out loud."Okay. we set up three trolls fur you and you ask them questions AC: :33 but of course we arent going to show you who they are! CG: OR IN OTHER WORDS, YOU WANT TO FIND OUT WHO MATCHES WITH ME SO YOU CAN FUCKING SWOON OVER IT. CG: I FUCKING SWEAR TO GOG THAT IF YOU PUT FISH BOY ON THIS, I WON'T HESITATE TO MURDER HIM! It read: IF YOU WERE STRANDED ON AN ISLAND, WHO WOULD YOU WANT TO BE WITH? Nepeta's Dating Game Part 1: A Sol Kar Fanfiction Karkat sighed and scanned through his chat with Nepeta on Trollian.arsenic Catnip [AC] began trolling carcino Geneticist [CG]AC: :33 *ac twitches her friendly whiskers at cg*CG: WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT NEPETA? "Nepeta handed the paper back and ran to the third contestant. Contestant #3, if you were stranded on an island, who would you want to be with?When the answer was written, she grabbed the paper out of the contestant's hands and read it out loud."Contestant #2 says it depends on who you are. " Nepeta does her little fangirl scream and runs to Karkat."Oh my Gog! For one, props to you for cosplaying Problem Sleuth- I’ve only met one other Problem Sleuth cosplayer, and that was at a major conventions. Just exercise resonalbe precaution and everything should go swell! I'm going to my first con this weekend cosplaying Roxy.

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" Karkat stood up and left his hive only to be tackled down."Ow! " Nepeta grabbed Karkat's hand and yanked him up."Thanks. What in grubfucking hell do you think you're doing? There were three chairs facing the left side and one chair facing the opposite. She sauntered to his direction and greeted him once more."Here! " He watched as Eridan held his hands up in surrender and backed up."I will get my hands on you someday. Karkat sighed when finally, he heard Nepeta's voice."Ok, I got them three sitting on the chairs! i'll get you in a secarsenic Catnip [AC] ceased trolling carcino Geneticist [CG]Karkat waited for Nepeta to come. Karkat had no choice but to roll his eyes and approach the human."Did Nepeta drag you into this bullshit too? He groaned when he realized he was talking to himself again.Karkat scribbled down words once again and handed Nepeta the paper."The last question goes to contestant #2! And I might only keep this fanfic until the second part because I have no plans of making it longer. Also, be aware of others- some people don’t seal their make-up, and in hugs, or even by bumping into them, cosplay can get ruined!

-Mod C This past weekend, I went to my first con with a good friend of mine. On the first day, we were looking around for other Homestuck cosplayers, and just browsing the Artist’s Alley.

the suspense gets higher when you get paired up with a guy! He couldn't think of anything else so he wrote down whatever came to his mind.