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A pair of customers are pictured right preparing to snuggle down for the night.Michael Thorpe, 39, used a range of props, including an imitation pistol,voice distorter and a burka, in raids across south Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire.Hannah Witheridge, 23, a student from Norfolk was brutally raped and then murdered with engineering graduate David Miller on the island of Koh Tao in September 2014.Kirsty Jones was found murdered in a backpacker hostel in the city of Chiang Mai.Mr Gabbott, 56, (right) a certified financial planner for a wealth management firm and chairman of Plumley with Toft and Bexton parish council in Cheshire suffered broken bones in his right hand as he repeatedly punched one of the terriers and bit its ear in a bid to drive it away.The family of Tanesha Melbourne-Blake have returned to the scene where she was fatally shot - one week on from the tragedy.Photographs taken by Mail Online today show flowers, balloons and cards left for Vincent torn down and strewn across the pavement (main picture).

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The 'portaledge' B&B idea is the idea of climber Eddy Young, 35, who says you need 'a sense of adventure and a head for heights'.At one point the pair are interrupted by the sound of a helicopter.Irritated, the Queen remarks: 'Why do they always go round and round when you want to talk?Her trial at Minshull Street Crown Court today heard she sent him a card with a picture of a woman wearing a short skirt that revealed her underwear. Along with her dealer boyfriend Mark Price (bottom right) they splashed out £100,000 on their Kim Kardashian lifestyle of foreign travel (centre, Lock on a trip to Paris) and high end designer goods.

In it she is alleged to have written: 'This is me after I found out you blocked me! Price, who claimed to be a struggling builder, even bought a an Audi RS4, while Lock splashed the drugs money on Vivienne Westwood handbags, Gucci sunglasses, Christian Louboutin shoes (top left) Christian Dior perfume and luxury beach and trips to Dubai (bottom left) Sarah Southern, 42, (pictured left) had ignored a previous court ruling ordering her to muzzle her Staffordshire Bull Terriers when the vicious animals pounced on Anthony Gabbott's German Alsatian puppy, Dougie, during a stroll in the village of Plumley, near Knutsford.

Speaking to the Radio Times about the interview, Sir David confessed to being nervous before the meeting - but said the Queen was 'very gracious'.