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While most priority seating for Williams Fund donors bases off of lifetime donations, section U works a bit differently.In order to encourage contributions in the short-term, Athletics only took donors' current amount of giving into consideration when determining who had priority. Immediately following the announcement that the seats would no longer be designated for students, donors showed significant interest.never doubt that she'll be there when you have hard times because you'll never go through those alone. if your ever the lucky bastard to catch an aitana, you better open your eyes to whats in front of you.she can be random at times but those specific times will be the ones you cherish most. she is fiesty and fun and knows her boundries so don't push her.she is quiet and intimdating at first but once you get to know her she is loud and spunky.Within weeks, there were enough requests to fill the section."Rudy Manes, a '92 KU graduate, is part of a group of Williams Fund donors that was excited to have the opportunity to grab some of the newly available seats."We were just right up in the other corner, just beside the band," he said."They weren't bad seats, but obviously [section U] is a much better deal."Nobody turned away?

"We're committed to that because we think the students are the main reason why Allen Fieldhouse is such a great place to watch a basketball game."It's a slightly different narrative than the one given on Kansas' website, which still states the All-Sports Combo ensures all students entrance to football games but "does NOT necessarily guarantee admission to men's basketball."Said said she's interested to see how exactly the department plans on admitting all students."Athletics has indicated that no students will be turned away from the games, so I'm still on the hunt as to how that is," she said.Conversely, UCLA's Pauley Pavillion holds only 1,800 students (14 percent of total capacity) and Duke's Cameron Indoor has been said to support around 1,600 (17 percent). Still, students such as Miller have expressed concern over how the change could have a detrimental effect on the atmosphere inside the Phog."Of course it will affect the atmosphere.You're replacing young, loud students with an older crowd that just doesn't have the same enthusiasm," he said.And so, that's what we did."Pleasing the donors Beginning in early June, section U became officially available to Williams Education Fund donors.

The fund, composed of various Kansas alumni and fans, raises around $18 million for KU student-athletes each year.

But that section has taken a bit of a hit this year, following a decision made by Kansas Athletics to permanently axe 120 student seats.