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If you ever need some technical assistance or need to report a person for violating some of our strongest behavior concerns (actively seeking sex; advertising/spam; suggesting other networks than SLIRC; warez; or recurring abusive language/behavior), please do not hesitate to seek advise from them.They tend to "hang out" in two rooms #channels and #terranova.The Admin (administration) of Star Link-Irc have repeatedly shown themselves to be courteous, helpful, and supportive, but firm about upholding the Star Link-Irc Charter and Rules.Aren't these the qualities we all look for when choosing a net for owning a channel, or simply chatting?No worries, all info you need is available on Ice Chat”s web pages and… Even marriages have resulted from relationships first forged on IRC.In fact, some people have become so addicted to chatting on the Internet that there”s a Usenet newsgroup entitled recovery. IRC can keep you company when you can”t sleep, contribute to family togetherness and cut your phone bill. Chats can get wild and woolly, and anyone (male or female) who takes on a female persona is likely to be hit on.But, IRC is not something that you should just jump into without first reading up on it.You could feel very lost if you do not know some basic commands before you enter IRC, and you might not even know how to get out of IRC after that) So, we suggest you read some documentation (help files, readmes, FAQs etc) before you get connected to an IRC server, or it can be very frustrating for you when you get stuck. As in life -and CB radio- not all those chatters have something interesting to say, but some do, and many people have developed lasting friendships through IRC.

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Can you make sure your submission is in English please even if it is for a non-English channel.There's around 6000 users and it's still growing slightly. To submit a new channel home page to this index, mail Platyna at [email protected] contact her on IRC.There is indeed a great deal of sextalk, sleaze and garbage on IRC, and one should exercise caution in allowing children to access the IRC without supervision.

But, as an adult, you are free to visit only the channels you choose, and there is also a great deal of positive communication going on.

What program you use doesn”t really matter; all of them connect to the same chat networks.