Lauren london dating lil wayne

#young Mr Carter #watchoutworld A post shared by Lauren London (@laurenlondon) on Kinda sorta, not really! #young Mr Carter #watchoutworld” LOL we can watch out but we won’t know who he is when we see his coming because we’ve NEVER seen his face. Plenty of these chicks out here will sell a photo to the highest bidder or treat their child like a prize accessory… Does she get points for being a protective Mama Bear?Actress Lauren London is back on scene with an upcoming film and a recurring role on season 6 of BET’s “The Game.” The dimple-faced tenderoni has been making her rounds on the promo trail over the last couple of months, and she recently sat down with Cocoa Fab to dish on how she’s adjusting to work as a mommy-banger and her new gig on “The Game.”“There’s a little bit of nervous energy.

And you know when she back in New New shape, we’ll be ready to roll.”Nipsey and Lauren have always made a habit of keeping their relationship out of the public eye.They both are from LA and is now ready to share their love to the world.The two were seen at a popular Los Angeles restaurant Maestros.When rumors started swirling that Nipsey and Lauren had broken up earlier this summer, Nipsey quickly took to social media to squash them. Lauren again does a great job of keeping Cameron out of the public eye.

Lauren London is now rumored to be dating California rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Wayne and London had been spotted together at basketball games in the past, but it's unclear if the two were an official item or just casually dating.