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Its not only keeping the content, its keeping the feeling alive.

I told Joyce things that I hadn't told another living soul except my wife Kim.Going Home Again (David Brooks, NY Times, 3-20-14)."Most of us have an urge, maybe more as we age, to circle back to the past and touch the places and things of childhood. Songs exploded from his head.""If you want to keep a memory as is, you carve it into a story.Then seeing important events in my life and racing in print, I understood why it's so easy for me to bond with the fansmost people's lives are about dealing with disappointment, broken promises, and failed dreams, as well as great joy and satisfaction.

I've lived the Great American Dream on the tracks, but I've lived the Great American Nightmare in the garages, too.

" ~ Frank Bruni, Memoirs and Memory (by the author of Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-time Eater Families are united more by mutual stories -- of love and pain and adventure -- than by biology. I'd just turned 50 and I assumed it was just age, but I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning and I had the most delicious lie-ins of my life!

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