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Sexy, geeky, gay, comic-love-god, Gay Comic Geek, had this to say about the situation in a You Tube video. I don’t agree with everything he says, especially about us being bullies by demanding DC drop Card.

Let us know in the forums how you feel about DC and the Orson Scott Card debacle. But to hire someone who actively forces a narrow-minded viewpoint onto others?Who spreads words of hate in a day and age where teenagers are being bullied to the point of suicide? Luckily, people are fighting back against DC’s decision to stand by Card.But we’ve come into an area that is under much debate right now: should the personal opinions of an employee matter to an employer? Liking vanilla over chocolate, thinking peas are gross, those are personal opinions.

Trying to deny a group of people rights is not an opinion.

Dropping both comic-creating giants is a bit more than I can handle, personally.

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