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In advance of the address Roosevelt asked citizens to have a world map in front of them as they listened to him speak."I'm going to speak about strange places that many of them never heard of—places that are now the battleground for civilization," he told his speechwriters.The series of fireside chats was among the first 50 recordings made part of the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress, which noted it as "an influential series of radio broadcasts in which Roosevelt utilized the media to present his programs and ideas directly to the public and thereby redefined the relationship between President Roosevelt and the American people in 1933." Roosevelt believed that his administration's success depended upon a favorable dialogue with the electorate — possible only through methods of mass communication — and that this would allow him to take the initiative.

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Their introduction was later described as a "revolutionary experiment with a nascent media platform".Everywhere the same voice, its odd Eastern accent, which in anyone else would have irritated Midwesterners.You could follow without missing a single word as you strolled by. president since Roosevelt has delivered periodic addresses to the American people, first on radio, and later adding television and the Internet.I think we must avoid too much personal leadership—my good friend Winston Churchill has suffered a little from this. That happened last evening, as I listened to the President's broadcast. Bando The fireside chats attracted more listeners than the most popular radio shows, which were heard by 30–35 percent of the radio audience.

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