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Her daughter, Karin, was bed-bound with pneumonia and demanded that her mother tell her a story about "Pippi Långstrump".Here she befriends Tommy and Annika, a brother and sister who have wandered in from another type of children's book altogether – the type written by a grown-up who has forgotten what it's like to be a child, but has lots of notions about what children should be.Celebrities including Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lawrence have recently seen private naked photos splashed on the web after their phone’s “cloud” was plundered.The Sun had no intention of entering into a deal with the alleged thief and alerted Pippa.He claimed to have private photographs of Pippa, 33 — including her being fitted in a wedding dress and naked snaps of her millionaire fiance James Matthews.The mystery man also bragged that he was in possession of pictures of Pippa’s sister, Duchess of Cambridge Kate, and brother-in-law Prince William.Alternatively, the snaps could be returned to Pippa once he was paid.He added: “There is of course a price for which im (sic) accepting offers of a minimum of 50,000 GBP.

Private messages to and from Pippa are also believed to have been harvested by the crook in what is feared to be the highest profile celebrity hack to date.

To prove the authenticity of his claims, the crook calling himself “Crafty Cockney” emailed two photos showing the socialite at what appeared to be her wedding dress fitting session.

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