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"After being here for a couple hundred million years, dozens of species of turtles are now on the verge of extinction, quite simply due to being captured or eaten on an unprecedented scale, particularly in Asia," says Mariusz Lech, reptile keeper at the zoo.Known to live up to 130 years, these ancient creatures carry deep meaning as primordial symbols of longevity, stability, security and wisdom and feature in creation myths from India to native North America. "Being realistic about the modern-day threats they face, especially in southeast Asia—China, the Philippines, Indonesia or Madagascar -– turtles are disappearing fast."We've discovered two species, including one which is unknown," Sulej said.

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    Oct 24, 2012. Fossilised turtle shells resembling the battle-scarred shields of ancient warriors are the world's oldest. A fossil of one of the world's oldest-known turtle shells with a limb bone dating from 215 million years ago, discovered in clay deposit northwest of Krakow. Sulej exclaimed on a trip back to the site.…
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    Jul 18, 2016. For maximum precision and accuracy in AMS dating of marine shells, we recommend that archaeologists, paleontologists, and 14C lab personnel average out these variations by sampling across. Ecological and paleoenvironmental information using stable isotope profiles from living and fossil molluscs.…
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    If you have GNU date or another version that can output nanoseconds, do this at the beginning of /etc/bash.bashrc or wherever you'd like to begin a trace in any Bash script PS4='+ $date "+%s.%N"\011 ' exec 3&2 2/tmp/bashstart.$$set -x. add set +x exec 2&3 3&-. at the end of ~/.bashrc or at the end of the.…