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Uniformitarian geologists and evolutionary paleontologists believe that as countless creatures lived and died over millions of years of Earth history, some were buried in slowly accumulating sediments and then fossilised.Accumulated genetic changes over millions of years supposedly resulted in the evolution of new species, genera and families.6 Such a criticism is unjustified, and by implication casts a slur on the radiocarbon laboratory’s Ph. Yet they reported these analyses as genuine in situ radiocarbon ( results, which are consistent with the analysed carbon in the fossilised tree stump representing organic carbon from wood, not from contamination.7 Another objection is that acceptance of these results as genuine C ‘ages’ ‘cannot possibly’ be obtained from a fossilised tree stump sitting in a layer of ‘250 million years old’ Upper Permian mudstone.2 (underground) Coal Mine north of Sydney, Australia (Figure 1).A portion of it was saved by one of the miners (Figure 2).A shiny thin ‘skin’ encompasses the outer perimeter (Figure 2, Figure 5 and Figure 6) and represents the original tree bark, which upon burial was coalified.In contrast, the former wood has been silicified (literally turned to stone by impregnation with silica), though it is dull black from still being carbon-rich (Figure 6).

These can be tens of metres thick and stretch for many hundreds of square kilometres.This laboratory uses the more sensitive accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) technique for radiocarbon analysis, now recognized as producing the most reliable results, even on minute quantities of carbon in samples. There was detectable radiocarbon in the coalified bark, yielding a supposed C ‘age’ of the bark places an ‘age’ limit on the immediately underlying silicified wood.Of course, if the wood really were 250 million years old as is supposed, one should not be able to obtain a finite age from radiocarbon—all detectable The most obvious objection that might be raised against these radiocarbon results by sceptics uncomfortable with the implications is that the minute quantity of radiocarbon detected in this fossilised tree stump is due to contamination. As qualified routine practitioners, they understand the problem with contamination, and how to avoid it in sample preparation.C) analyses to Geochron Laboratories in Cambridge, Boston (USA), a reputable, internationally-recognized commercial laboratory.

The laboratory staff were not told exactly where the samples came from, or their supposed evolutionary age, to ensure that there would be no resultant bias.

However, sometimes components can be identified—for example, fossilised tree stumps sitting on top of coal beds.

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