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Three wind-tunnels had been working 160 hours a week for 18 months to fine-tune that car.R&D estimates indicate Jenson Button was driving a billion dollar machine, but with six wins from seven races, you couldn’t take anything away from him.This ought to lead to a tense cat-and-mouse game as the rammer tries to close the distance and compensate for the target's evasive maneuvers, and the target tries to stay clear long enough to score a killing hit — the ramming ship is essentially a large missile, and the target would be performing a High-Speed Missile Dodge. The reason for this, of course, is that space ramming depictions are probably based on the Space Is an Ocean mindset, and the cultural memory of Real Life naval tactics of the ancient world.Before the advent of cannons, ramming the other ships was the main method for taking them out.

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An object impacting at 6 km/sec would do damage equal to 4 times its weight in TNT, and would be said to do "4 Ricks" worth of damage..Even then, battleships continued to be built with bows designed for ramming for many years after the tactic ceased to be relevant.In fact, in the early years of ironclad battleships, their armor was so effective against the relatively primitive guns of the era that ramming was seen as the only viable tactic against an ironclad.Rival teams tried, and failed, to have its clever double diffuser banned.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise that the BGP-001 was quick.

This season is likely to go down in F1 history as one of the most remarkable, not for the headline grabbing Renault ‘crashgate’ scandal, Lewis Hamilton’s ‘liegate’ folly, and incessant political games, but for the reversal in fortunes that teams like Mc Laren and Ferrari suffered, and Red Bull and Brawn were rewarded with.

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