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Michael Phelps said that this campaign had inspired him to greatness as a youngster.(“Growing up, I always remembered the ‘I want to be like Mike’ ads with Jordan.”) “Beef.“Snap into a Slim Jim” 1992 campaign featured wrestlers Macho Man Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior yelling and ripping things while attempting to convince American kids that it was cool, and maybe even tough, to eat Con Agra’s snack of beef and mechanically separated chicken parts. ” Created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners for the California Milk Processor Board, this campaign kicked off in October 1993 with a commercial about a history buff who receives a call to answer a $10,000 trivia question, “Who shot Alexander Hamilton in that famous duel?” Because of a mouthful of peanut butter, his answer is unintelligible and his chance at fortune is squandered.named Apple’s “Think Different,” Wheaties’ “Breakfast of Champions,” Maxwell House’s “Good to the Last Drop,” and—who could forget? ” and another called M&Ms claim to “melt in your mouth, not in your hands” a “dirty, rotten lie.” Many alternatives to the top 10 were proposed, including Alka Seltzer’s “Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz” and Pepto Bismol’s “Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.” More than one Digger complained about the omission of “A Diamond is Forever,” but there were few omissions on the encyclopedic list of 337 slogans posted by a Digger named slugicide. The Hit Parade “A Diamond is Forever.” Created by N. Thanks to the 1971 James Bond flick starring Sean Connery, this slogan remains etched in our minds—probably forever. ” Back in the 1950s, Tony the Tiger growled his way into American consciousness with this memorable slogan for Frosted Flakes. But one Digger wondered, “Where’s I’ve fallen and I can’t get up? for De Beers, this slogan has been in use since 1948, ever since Frances Gerety, a young copywriter, dreamed up the famous line in her sleep.In 1985, BBDO responded with “Visa, It’s Everywhere You Want to Be.” And not to be outdone in the plastic slogan war, in 1997, Master Card brought the heat with “There are some things money can’t buy.For everything else, there’s Master Card.” Priceless. It Keeps Going, and Going…” Produced by DDB Chicago Advertising for Energizer since the 1980s, this is the ageless slogan that accompanied the cool bass-drum-beating, shades-wearing pink bunny that has appeared on more TV shows and movies than the Baldwins. ” A remarkably successful slogan considering its blithe simplicity, Mennen’s ‘80s slogan accompanied by that three-note jingle proved to the world how easily we are drawn in by simple sounds, pleasures, and deodorants.

At a stop sign, another aristocrat pulls alongside the car, rolls down his window, and asks for a spot of the ole Poupon.People who work in advertising agencies can make their entire career on just one tagline. Almost only a crucial pass of letters inwards posted on a connect.You just need to check — after you establish your profile. Put the experts funny taglines or commonplace phrasing speed dating slogans your irreplaceable Internet search engine for programs.The strangely effective commercial has been parodied countless times in the real world and in fiction, perhaps most memorably in “Wayne’s World.” “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Beginning in 1987, Life Alert ran this campaign for senior citizens who experienced medical emergencies while alone.

There have been enough allusions to this ad in pop-culture to warrant a list of its own, but Will Ferrell falling off a cliff in Austin Powers only to shout “Help!

It’s what’s for dinner.” In 1992, in the face of declining beef consumption, Leo Burnett Worldwide came up with this memorable slogan (apparently recognized by over 88% of Americans) for The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

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