Updating a computer os without an internet connection

The program runs in the background and uses the Pi's GPIO pins to set the position of a servo.The simplest method is to put a command in /etc/rc.local.

Currently produced Naza-m lite and Naza-m v2 main controllers have absolutely identical hardware, but different firmware.After upgrade disconnect F1 and F2 connection, power cycle your Naza. If you upgrade Naza-m lite firmware from v2 Assistant (2.20 or any other version), your controller will stop functioning and your PC will not recognize it through USB connection.To recover controller, you need to downgrade firmware to 1.00 in safe mode, like as described above.It’s important for the correct working of interactive graphics programs to have drivers of the latest version in the system.

Drivers can be installed (or upgraded) from corresponding websites of graphics processors vendors.

“Real-time graphics” or “real-time rendering” are also similar in meaning to the term.