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I could not imagine so little effort and money could make SUCH a difference! And you will be so proud of yourself when it turns out spectacular and people think it is real granite! If the scratches are deep you can always cover them with another coat. Remodelaholic is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Cassity started Remodelaholic with her husband, Justin, to share their love for knocking out walls together.I WISH I had thousands for real granite but I don’t! I love it and I still have to do my backsplashes but I know it can only get better! This is the smaller counter which is the one with which I started because I thought it would be easier to experiment on being contained. She is an interior designer, wife, and mother of two.The melamine cabinets with oak trim looked so sad next to the bright white and stainless steel.Adding insult to injury, our blue laminate countertops with oak trim were being upstaged by the covering the countertop of the new cabinet. Check out how my contact paper kitchen counter has held up over the last two years! I really wanted to paint the cabinets white, but I was worried about how well regular paint would stick to melamine.Even the 80s track lighting was replaced with a shiny new kitchen track lighting.But all these new things made the rest of the kitchen more drab than ever.Utilize every inch possible to create a space to fold and layout piles of clothes.

Open shelving can also be installed above your worksurfaces for additional storage. Add a bit of clean and modern edge with a flashy laminate color or bold pattern.A laundry room can be a great space to add personal flair. While colorful paint is easily the cheapest method, there are plenty of other ways to make it your own. We’ve made a few changes to our kitchen to improve the flow and storage situation.