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A few months ago he seemed to take my concerns more seriously and agreed not to keep pot around the house. I am thrilled we seem to be coming to a place of greater sanity as far as drugs laws are concerned.He's broken this promise several times, and now I feel betrayed in addition to everything else. Our decades-long “war” didn’t stop people from using, but incarcerated millions, many of them nonviolent offenders, and wrecked lives and communities.

We saw a therapist together for a couple of years; my wife wasn’t interested in sex, and I was. Then, a column of yours from a year or so ago got us even further ahead: You advised a woman to schedule a weekly sex date with her husband and hoped both of them came to look forward to it. She’s consistent in saying it’s not about me, it’s her own stuff.Consider taking a trip together to Colorado or Washington state.For one thing, when the children are far away with their grandparents or a trusted babysitter, your wife won't be distracted about the need to make their lunches.Your husband’s marijuana use is sabotaging your marriage and surely will have deleterious effects on other parts of his life.

It’s time you have a blunt talk and tell him he needs help, or else you’re going to have to rethink your life together.

From your account, your wife was never that interested in sex, and so you are one of those couples who decided to pair up despite your mismatched libidos.

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